100% Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Return Policy:
I am so confident in The Bracket Trade System, that I will back it up by a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Here's all I want you to do: simply try the system outlined in my course over a period of 30 days. If after 30 days of trading, you don't fully recover the cost of this course and yield a nice profit, I will refund the entire purchase price - guaranteed.

And I will give you the refund even if your trades were simulated, i.e., even if you were not using real money...that's how confident I am that you will see results!! Simply email your refund request, with your feedback, and I will make sure that a full refund is sent to you within 24 hours. That's how confident I am!

Important Note:
I recommend new traders initially try out my trading system in a demo account. without real money, to get familiar and comfortable with the system. If you don't yield a profit, even if it is simulated, like I said above, I will refund the full amount...To your success, Ray

To Order:
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To Apply for a Refund:
If you have any questions or if you want to apply for a refund, please send an email to:
info@tradeyourfutures.com -- Your refund will be sent within 24 hours.

To Your Success,