About Me

Me With My Son

I’m going to start of telling you what I am NOT, before telling you what I am. Most people brag about their houses, mansions and leased cars before you realize most of it is fake. I am not your ordinary Wall Street Hotshot with three different color sports cars, big boat and a second house in the Bahamas.

I am not here to tell you about the million stories and I am also not claiming to make a living effortlessly with just working 2 hours a week.

My name is Ray van Moor, a 29 year old family man with a wife and kid that has a passion for stocks, trading, futures and anything related to the financial markets. My friends see me as a stock trading geek, because all I can talk about is the Market.


When I graduated I became a full time trader right away and it was a few years after when I really got into futures. I have been through all phases you can possibly go through as a day trader. The phase where everything is going great, but you really don’t know why, or the phase that every order you make, it always goes the opposite of your direction.

The phase where I was looking for that one indicator that would make me rich (I call this ‘searching for the holy grail). I had three screens full of every kind of indictor, it was a complete overkill. I was still making good money, but I realized I was doing something wrong, so I started focusing on Price Action Trading.

I set aside all the other indicators and I just started focusing on one screen, one indicator, one system and all price action driven. After years of testing and tweaking, I am confident that my price action system can make money for anybody that executes it the right way. As long as you stick with the rules, you can make a living while working on a part time basis.

Why Choose Trade Your Futures.com

Easy to Follow guidelines

My course shows you a simple way how to make money trading the E-Mini S&P Futures. With my system I give you straight forward guidelines what to do and what not to do. I have included many charts and graphs from real time trades, so you can visualize and understand everything.

Proven Method

I have traded "The Bracket Trade" for years and trading this Trading System I closed every month with profit. The System is not difficult to understand, as long as you follow the guidelines, you also can be successful trading the E-mini S&P

Money Management System

Nothing is worse than losing all your hard earned profits by a few mistakes you make. I know where the pitfalls in this business and I have carefully pointed them out in my book

Business Plan

Without a proper business plan, every trader will fail to make consistent profits. It is like opening a company without any business plan, sounds silly right? But you will be surprised to know that many traders don't have a business plan.